The Challenge

It costs Brazilian bank, Bradesco, roughly $4 every time they help a customer over the counter. For the customer to carry out the same transaction themselves, using Bradesco’s mobile app, would cost just 2% of that figure: 8 cents.

Bradesco asked us if we could help more of their customers make the move online.

Our Solution

We know that data browsing costs are a big barrier to mobile use. People don’t want to eat up their precious data downloading banking apps or surfing banking sites.

So we helped Bradesco give their customers sponsored data. That made it free for people to download and use the mobile app, wherever they were.


We more than achieved what Bradesco had hoped for:
  • 117% increase in mobile banking
  • 11 million downloads from the Google Play store
  • A 300% return on investment.

Return on investment

increase in mobile banking
11 million downloads from the Google Play store

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