Give back to your customers, in return for their engagement

Enable them to increase their browsing, watch videos, consume content without having to worry about their data plan.

Bring customers closer to you

Why Sponsored Data?

  • More demand for mobile applications means more demand for mobile data. In contracts, mobile data is limited and represents a high value for customers
  • Data usage in LATAM has increased by up to 109% compared to the same time last year
  • In developing markets it’s very common for people to exceed their data plan. 2/3 of Brazilians don’t have regular mobile data access


We have two types of products inside Sponsored Data:

Brand Sponsored Data:

Sponsor your customers’ experience as they browse your app/website or watch your video, so they consume your content without breaching their own data limits. In return, you will see higher app usage, increased engagement and more video completions.

Data Rewards:

Reward your customers with a gift of megabytes in return for performing a specific action, for example signing up for a newsletter or completing a video. You can improve your business metrics whilst giving back to the customer.

Sponsored Data is available in the following countries:

Flag_of_Argentina.svg  Argentina
bandera-de-alemania  Germany
Flag_of_Panama.svg  Panama
Flag_of_Guatemala.svg  Guatemala
bandera-de-nicaragua1  Nicaragua
bandera-de-costa-rica  Costa Rica
200px-Flag_of_El_Salvador.svg  El Salvador

Sponsored Data Case Studies


See how we’ve used sponsored data to help some of the world’s greatest brands.