A unique proposition allowing advertisers to access data insights derived from first-party operator, always in a safe environment.

Audiences are delivered at scale programmatically at high confidence levels allowing to identify age, gender and many other demographic brand relevant behavioral categories.

With Audiences Insights you can increase your revenue, maximizing the reach and obtaining better campaign results.

Programmatic. Sounds tough, but it’s simple.

Engage with millions of customers all around the world. With messages tailored to them.

Use real-time audience data to take part in fully automated advertising auctions. Target people who’ll want or need what you offer, based on thousands of possible data points.

Want to reach new mums in Mexico City? No problem. ‘Gen-Y’ guys into the skateparks of Rio? Can do. Just talk to our team.


Data works harder when it’s linked to users profile and behavior
.And as McKinsey have testified, mobile operators hold the best data source.
Our data is the foundation for contextual marketing. It powers our vision for advertising powered by rich detail.

In 2014 we teamed up with Blackstone to create Axonix: the first mobile ad exchange owned and powered by a telco.

Their real-time capabilities complement our audience-driven advertising products. So you can buy mobile impressions based on authenticated audiences, improving relevance for your customers, and bringing value to your brands.
Set detailed conditions around who your messages are served to. Tailor by device, platform, behavior. And set maximum bid prices, for budget control.


We work with Axonix, a fully-independent but Telefónica backed mobile ad exchange. That means you can buy data-enriched impressions, based on fully authenticated audiences. Delivering more value to you.

Programmatic / Display is available in the following countries:

columbiaUnited Kingdom

Programmatic / Display Case Studies


See how we’ve used programmatic display to help some of the world’s greatest brands.